If I register with GSA, do I have to register with Norwalk?

Norwalk hosts 2 types of GSA Events. One is through the Live Broadcast where the auctioneer presents each vehicle, allowing the online attendees to bid in real time. The other is an Online-Only Event, where users are able to go in and enter bids over a specified period of time. If you attend a 'Live Auction GSA Event', you must be registered with GSA and Norwalk. If you are only attending the online event, then you only need to be registered with GSA. 

Why does the system ask me to register when I click on a vehicle?

Our system will only show a preview of a vehicle unless a user logs in. You do not have to register with Norwalk to attend an online-only GSA Event, and you can go to the GSA site to view more details regarding the vehicle without having to register with Norwalk. Please note that the item information may not immediately be available on GSA, but you can always check back.


Click on the Following to Review Terms & Conditions:

Terms & Conditions for GSA Online-Only Events

Terms & Conditions for Live Events

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